Advanced Demand Generation

(ADG) provides ``real-time insight, tools, and resources!``

We know what it takes to help your company be a success! We strive for excellence in making your business more profitable!


Customized, account-level intelligence will change the way your organization goes to market. Optimize territories, drive revenue, increase productivity and create more targeted, higher quality marketing programs.

“ATM provided a true blueprint of our market — the segments, the business drivers, and the buying behavior — before we engaged. That allowed us to hone in on our most strategic prospects with a personalized message, translating to $27 million in pipeline. That’s the power of ADG.”FRED Clayton,President , Medical Curriculum Technologies


Advanced Demand Generation (ADG) provides the real-time insight, tools, and resources that will inform go-to-market strategy across your entire business — driving revenue and pipeline, while giving you the power to optimize sales territories and planning, increase productivity and create more targeted, higher quality marketing programs.

Imagine going to market with:

  • Insight to ensure that your sales reps are focused on the accounts with the highest proclivity to buy
  • Intelligence to get in front of open opportunities fast — and first, before your competitors
  • Freedom to allow your reps to concentrate on closing and nurturing business, instead of cold calling
  • Power to hire, staff and allocate resources for accounts with real revenue potential
  • Knowledge of competitors’ footprints — with real-time information and a competitive attack plan
  • Alignment across all sales and marketing activities targeted to open opportunities, not demographics

That’s reality for ATM Clients.

With our Advanced Demand Generation service, we provide you with invaluable market research to guide your go-to-market strategy. We assess the market’s needs — finding out who’s buying, how quickly they want to move, and how your solution fits into their plans. It’s that insight that allows you to apply the right resources and budget to the right accounts — driving unprecedented pipeline and revenue.

Here’s how it works:

1.     ATM conducts live profiles with your potential targets, getting the answers you want — buying plans, budget, timeline, and decision makers.

2.     We score findings based on buying behaviors, and segment to highlight priority accounts — active initiatives, pains your solution can solve or “green field” opportunities. This insight is pushed directly to your Intelligence Center so you can consume, navigate and share it in real time.

3.     In the meantime, ATM is moving quickly to get you in front of those deals — via appointment setting, scheduling face-to-face meetings with the people holding the purchasing power.

ATM scores findings based on buying behaviors, then segments to highlight priority accounts so you know who’s buying, how quickly they want to move, and how your solution fits into their plans.

Appointment Setting is where we started and we’re still the best in the business.55 percent of our secured meetings are converted into pipeline opportunities — translating to $3.1 billion annually for our Clients. That’s the best success rate in the industry — by a large margin — and a big part of why Clients turn to ATM for appointment setting services.

We make sure that you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right decision makers. How? Our appointment setting scale is unmatched. We’re actively in contact with hundreds of thousands of unique businesses, hospitals, government agencies, and schools — creating an unrivaled rolodex of decision makers and influencers.

You benefit from the opportunities created through quick and repeated access to key executives in key accounts. In short, we get you in front of the people most likely to build your pipeline — in the Enterprise, Mid-Market, Public Sector, and everywhere in between.

Our Inside Sales Representatives make an average of 175+ calls a day. And, because we are a performance-based professional sales organization, Clients only pay for results. To date, we have secured nearly 250,000 qualified introductory sales meetings — a number that is growing every day

Imagine going to market with a detailed opportunity map — real-time insight into the contacts and companies within your territory that gives you a clear advantage in identifying and closing deals. With ATM, you get just that: actionable market intelligence — and the appointment setting resources that will turn that intelligence into real pipeline and revenue.

 Our executive management team brings a collective 150+ years of entrepreneurial excellence – An eclectic group of “A players” drawn from the upper echelons of the Human capital management industry working in concert to ensure our core values are integral to each and every project we undertake.

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