Don’t waste time or money trying to advertise and screen applicants! We do the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.

Recruiting At It’s Finest!

Advanced Talent Management takes a contrarian approach to the talent acquisition process. Our proprietary process delivers ‘a player’ individuals who are not only exceptionally talented but are also highly motivated. Rather than bombarding our business partners with a stream of other peoples cast offs and professional job seekers Advanced Talent Management works quickly and diligently to fulfill its service promise of QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

We go beyond the job description to formulate a highly refined IDEAL CANDIDATE PROFILE (ICP)™ that allows us to perform a far more precise and targeted search than is normally possible. Armed with the ICP we then utilize our proprietary database and extensive network of professional sales talent to pinpoint the best fit for our business partners’ team. All candidates are subjected to our job specific pre hire assessment process and are rigorously screened prior to being presented for consideration.

At the conclusion of this exhaustive process Advanced Talent Management will present for consideration only the 2 or 3 most outstanding candidates for the position. This process has been proven to expedite the hiring process significantly whilst simultaneously reducing turnover.

The “Hiring Solution Process”
Our Commitment
“The Hiring Solution Process” is dedicated to providing the services you need in your search for top talent. Our unique process strives to offer a wide variety of services that provide a complete recruitment and selection strategy for obtaining, and retaining, today’s top talent. With three different solutions to choose from, it is easy to determine how our process can meet your needs, and your budget. Today, when even the simplest ad can produce scores of candidates, it becomes ever more difficult and time consuming to weed through the applicants. There is a more efficient and effective solution.

Our “Hiring Solution” Works!
• We do the advertising for you.
• We pre-screen applicants.
• We preliminarily interview applicants who meet your job criteria.
• We assess all applicants who meet your job criteria.
• We have a 92% Success rate.
• We present you only qualified applicants who have been interviewed and assessed.
• Often the additional candidates can be selected and used when multiple positions are available for the same job such as Customer Service, Sales, etc. This adds even more value to the program.
• Turnaround time is generally 10 days or less.

The time, money, and effort spent on recruiting must pay dividends; that is employees who are competent, loyal, diligent, and a continuing asset to the organization. Some jobs are more critical than others are. Some require specialized skills. To meet this need our Hiring Solutions Process provides three levels of service.
Superior solutions option, we guarantee your new employee for four months.
• Custom Solutions patented Benchmark is available for the “Simple Solutions” program using a panel of experts over the phone via a web conference. This benchmark is not required but helpful for larger organizations who engage in repeat hiring for specific jobs.
The Bottom Line
Our patented assessment process, exclusive applicant management system and unique coaching tools provide many solution options for your recruitment, selection and retention challenges. Let our Hiring process help you select, retain, manage and develop your top talent today!

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